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We have your long term savings in mind

We work to save you money.

Whether you need a loan today, a new mortgage, or are looking to refinance, we work with you to make sure you’re set up for long-term success.

Our automated technology and salaried staff are there to make sure we’re looking out for your best interests, every step of the way.


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The four pillars of our home equity investment success

Direct to consumer

First, we began with the knowledge that by going direct to consumers with our lending services, we could significantly lower the interest rates we charge them while still ensuring a strong return for our investors.

Direct to investor

At the same time, we go direct to investors to raise the money we lend. This means we avoid costly commissions and other compensation for brokers and money managers that may reduce return for our investors.

Loan to value lending ratio

We reduce risk with a conservative loan to value lending ratio. More conservative than even the big 5 Canadian banks. This means we’re careful with how much of a home’s equity we allow our customers to borrow. As a result, not one customer has defaulted on their mortgage in our history.

Technology and automation

We bring all of this together with a leading-edge approach to using technology to assess risk, automate services, and communicate with borrowers and investors alike. This means we operate more efficiently and can deliver services faster than the competition.

We always have your long term savings in mind

We’ll work with you to consolidate long-term financing into the most flexible and cost effective lending, so you’re not trapped with costly and inflexible long term debt. In fact, if it costs less for you to refinance your current mortgage than to do a home equity loan, we’ll let you know.

Get a CannectFlex loan for as little as 4.99%.

Get a new or refinanced mortgage for as little as 5.54%

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